• The Hakman Group structures specialized transactions for investors that are seeking to diversify their alternative fixed income portfolio and are seeking risk-adjusted, absolute returns that are substantially higher than traditional fixed income investments. We possess a deep understanding of the market and the operating characteristics of related marine transportation assets that are utilized to transport durable, liquid and perishable goods throughout the world. For over 20 years, we have accumulated substantial operating data with respect to large pools of such assets. We draw on our asset knowledge, industry network, database, proprietary modeling, due diligence processes, negotiation and documentation skills for all of our managed assets.





  • We are focused on investment results. Unlike a container leasing company, we do not focus on shipping lines as customers to maintain or grow customer market share. Alternatively, we are continuously engaged in looking for opportunities to buy new and used containers from leasing companies, banks and other owners in order to assemble portfolios that are diversified by equipment type, age, counterparty risk, lease life and terms. We generally retain the services of established leasing companies to lease, re-lease, track and assist with the sale of equipment, when appropriate.





  • After the acquisition of the equipment, The Hakman Group oversees all aspects of the investment over its remaining economic life. Such “cradle to grave” investment services are designed to enhance overall investment results.